Vaughan Metal Polishing Limited is capable of providing numerous finishes on all metals such as brass, stainless steel, cold rolled, hot rolled, bronze, copper, zinc, aluminum and carbon steel.  The following is a summary of the variety of work we are able to finish and the finishes that are available:

Extrusions - up to 30 ft. lengths
Automotive - trims and misc. auto parts, running boards
Bars - up to 30 ft. lengths
Pipe - up to 30 ft. lengths
Tube - round, square, rectangular, oval, up to 30 ft. lengths
- up to 11 ¾" dia spun finish
- up to 24" dia lengthwise
Angles, inside and outside - up to 30 ft. lengths
Spinnings, plates, castings, sheets, perforated sheets
Metal fabricated parts
Straight line and semi-automatic polishing


No. 2 No. 8 (mirror finish)
No. 4 Weld grinding and touch up
Blend 's' Polish for paint
No. 7 Suede finish (non-directional)
Other textured finishes are available.

We are always willing to produce samples of customer's work for customer approval of finish.